Internal Customer Service - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs are aware of and often emphasize in their companies the need for exceptional customer service. What sets companies apart from their competitors is not only superior products and services, but also the level of their customer support.


Generally, when one refers to customer service it is aimed at external customers and clients. I would like to suggest that providing exceptional customer services should extend to internal clients in your companies.


As an example, the Payroll Department provides a valuable service to the rest of the employees in a company. The level of such service to "client" employees should be outstanding. For example, any payroll issues should be resolved accurately and promptly; employees should be treated as clients by the Payroll department and the interaction should be positive; payroll checks should have zero errors and always be on time.


All other internal customer/client and service provider relationships should be identified in your company. Entrepreneurs should then make it a top goal in their companies to pay as much attention to providing exceptional customer service to internal clients as that paid to external customers.


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