Entrepreneur Gratitude - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs have a lot to be grateful for. First and foremost is our country and the free market system that allows Entrepreneurs the opportunity to create and grow businesses and prosper.

Employees are the backbone of companies and Entrepreneurs should be thankful for the dedication, loyalty and hard work put forth by their people to make businesses successful.

No business can sustain itself without customers and clients. Be thankful to your sources of revenue for putting their trust in you to provide services and products.

Entrepreneurs should also appreciate their suppliers and service providers who continue to supply essential goods and services to sustain you businesses.

Shareholders and financiers who have invested in your abilities to grow the business and provide a return on their capital should be high on the list of people to whom Entrepreneurs are grateful.

Lately, the community that you operate your businesses in should be appreciated also.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve, Entrepreneurs should express their gratitude to the above stakeholders in your companies.


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