Forgive Yourself - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs are driven people and work hard to achieve their goals. Most of them want to do everything right and are impatient for results.


Like everyone else they too make mistakes. Some of these are relatively minor while others can be major and might even result in losing their company. When they make mistakes Entrepreneurs are hard on themselves as they feel totally responsible. How should they react?


Learning from mistakes is the correct thing to do and these blogs have stressed that point. Learn why the mistake was made and implement processes and controls to prevent future occurrences.


Depending upon the nature and impact of the mistake, Entrepreneurs often dwell on it. Entrepreneurs need to learn to forgive themselves for such mistakes. Forgiving one’s self doesn’t mean absolving you from responsibility. As long as it was a mistake and not a calculated act of unethical or unlawful behavior, forgiving themselves would allow Entrepreneurs to move forward positively instead of drowning in guilt.


Accepting responsibility, taking corrective action and forgiving yourself for mistakes is the right thing to do for yourself, your company, employees and family. Do the Right Things! 



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