Leading from Beside - by Ravi Patel


Leaders are supposed to lead from being in front of their people – not only in their thinking but also sometimes physically. Some leaders lead from behind – an oxymoron for sure.


However, if you are always ahead of your people, they might not follow. This could be for many reasons. You might not have fully convinced them of the reason for the task at hand; they might have previously seen you in action and are hesitant; or they don’t fully know you yet as they have not seen how you work.


Entrepreneurs might want to lead their people by being and  working besides their employees to mitigate these reasons.        


Leadership by example can only happen if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work with your employees in doing tasks that are necessary. That means physically working besides your people rather than isolating yourself.        


Leadership does not always mean that you decide and your people follow. Work with your people to tackle issues and develop with them solutions that need to be implemented. Think with them by involving them in the process.


Situational leadership demands different styles – leading from beside your people is one of them. 


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