Be a Good Teacher - by Ravi Patel


As a leader or manager, are you a good teacher?


Lessons from a good teacher – whether in business or personal situations – remain throughout life. How often can you refer back to something that a great teacher taught you and marvel at the teachings, even after many years!      


On the other hand, bad lessons also stay in one’s memory; however, what would you rather be remembered for?   


Good leaders most often inspire their followers not only with the actions they take, but also with what they teach their followers. As a business and Entrepreneurial leader learn to educate your employees the right way to think, and the correct actions will follow for the rest of their lives. Don’t always tell employees to do, but make them learn how to do it.


Most Entrepreneurs and managers don’t take the time to coach their employees as they claim to be too busy and are focusing on current tasks. For the long term success of your company and as a true leader, it is more important to enlighten your employees so they themselves can be effective at what to do.


Do the Right Things - strive to be a good teacher for your employees. 


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