Recover from Mistakes - by Ravi Patel


Some Entrepreneurs are just too much of perfectionists. But, they can’t afford to be so!


Entrepreneurs often try not to make mistakes. Sometimes they try too hard. Is this a good thing? Not making mistakes is good, but trying too hard not to make them could be counterproductive. Trying too hard to avoid mistakes often causes them.


Instead learn to recover, somewhat quickly, from mistakes. If one accepts that mistakes will happen, then the correct mindset should be to develop a process to recover from mistakes.


For Entrepreneurs this is even more important. First, they need to recognize that a mistake was made. If not, they might proceed too far down the wrong path costing them time and resources. Second, Entrepreneurs should train their people to recognize mistakes. Finally, they need to develop a well thought-out process to not only recover rapidly from mistakes, but also to learn from such mistakes and implement internal controls to avoid such faux-pas in the future.


Do the Right Things by recovering quickly and learning from mistakes. 


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