Reality Check - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs come up with new ideas to start businesses to make a difference. Their passion can be ignited only if they dream big.


However, Entrepreneurs should first see things as they currently are before visualizing what they could be.                                  


Taking an assessment of the situation as it currently stands is critical before embarking on a dream. A reality check, often with advice of trusted confidants, helps to bring facts into the situation. Ignoring the current state of affairs and only imagining where you could be might pose a problem if not dealt with correctly.


It is not wrong to dream, but in order to achieve one’s Vision it is necessary to start from facts as they are now and then chart a realistic plan to get where you visualize your end point. Depending upon the current situation, the path might be easy, difficult or not possible at all. Ignoring the difficulty of the path is not rational.


Do the Right Things! 


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