Communications for Meaningful Action - by Ravi Patel


Have you heard someone complain that their employees don’t seem to be following directions too well? Those people gripe that they tell their people what to do, but it doesn’t seem to happen.


To obtain employee buy-in and meaningful action, Entrepreneurs might want to communicate to their people why they need do things instead of what they should do.


When you tell people what to do, they generally might follow your directions without understanding their mission. If they are going on the wrong path, they might not even be aware of it since they are merely following instructions.


Instead, coaching employees why they are supposed to do certain tasks sets the objective or  goal for them. It makes it easier for them to figure out what to do to get there as they are usually closer to the action. They might even find a better way to do things than you could have told them. Even if they require guidance on what to do, it is based on a specific objective.      


For meaningful action, it is better to direct employees as to why things have to be done rather than what to do. 


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