Liking What You Do - by Ravi Patel


Do you like what you do? If not, does being successful in that endeavor mean much?


Liking what you do applies to all activities – whether it is your business, job, school, home, sports, music or any other pursuit. If one likes and enjoys what he/she is doing, chances are that it will be done well. 


Take a child who is forced to learn to play the piano. As long as it is forced upon the child and becomes a chore, the interest and passion of learning to play the piano will be lacking.


Entrepreneurs could learn a valuable lesson. In order to motivate your employees, create jobs and match them to the employees such that they like what they are doing. Make the tasks fun, challenging, interesting and intrinsically rewarding to generate enthusiasm and high productivity.     


If employees (for that matter, even owners) like what they do, they will do it well and succeed. Leaders make the mission likeable so the followers are always engaged. 


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