Am I Setting an Example? - by Ravi Patel


When starting their business,  Entrepreneurs show great leadership by rolling up their sleeves putting in the effort that they demand of their employees. As companies grow Entrepreneurs sometimes say one thing and do something else.


Entrepreneurs need to ask themselves certain questions to determine if they are continuing to show leadership by example:


  • Am I still putting the effort that I am asking of my employees?
  • Do I watch what I spend while I announce cost reduction programs?
  • What am I am doing to improve the company when I am preaching on continuous improvement in my organization?
  • Am I cutting corners while I demand quality from my employees?
  • Do I exhibit what it takes to provide superior customer service when demanding the same from employees?
  • Am I making greater sacrifices than my stakeholders?
  • Do I give the impression that we are all in the same boat?

Answers to these types of questions are crucial to determining your credibility and perceptions of your leadership. Do the Right Things!



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