Being Your Own Boss - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs often start businesses as they want to work for themselves and not for others.


Entrepreneur magazine states that people who work for themselves are happier because of the freedom that working for one's self permits. So valuable is the opportunity to be one's own boss that studies show you have to pay people twice as much to get them to work for others and still have the same level of job satisfaction as being self-employed.


Being your own boss will grant you freedom, but it does come with serious responsibilities. No one else is there to take responsibility of your company and its stakeholders other than you.


Self discipline is paramount as someone else is not telling you what to do each day - you need to set you own agenda. Setting an example of leadership for the organization is your responsibility - there is nobody else above you. If you consistently play hookey, how can you expect your people to work? 


Freedom is great, but make sure you learn to be a responsible "boss" for yourself!


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