Is Standing Still Good? - by Ravi Patel


"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still." - Chinese Proverb


The good news is that Entrepreneurs do not have a problem of standing still. Rather, they are always on the move and wanting to grow - albeit too fast!


While the proverb emphasizes the point that one needs to keep on growing rather than standing still, Entrepreneurs sometimes need to stand still. Why and when is that appropriate?


Similar to a traveller stopping once in a while to get his/her bearings and ensuring they are headed in the right direction, Entrepreneurs need to do the same for their business. Instead of charging ahead with full steam all the time, stop, step back, and evaluate whether you are on the right path towards your Mission. Do you have the necessary infrastructure and leadership team to continue down the correct path (like a traveller assessing whether he/she has adequate supplies and fuel).


Make adjustments as necessary and then continue your efforts to grow. Standing still once in a while is good for you!


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