Sharing Your Knowledge - by Ravi Patel


Business leaders over their careers acquire considerable knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge that is not shared is lost forever. Here are some thoughts on how to share your knowledge with others:


  • Instead of giving answers to your employees or doing things for them, make them learn from you and do the tasks themselves. Resist the tendency of doing it yourself to save time. Take the time to teach someone.
  • Allow your employees to make mistakes while they are learning from you. No one is perfect the first time.
  • Mentor other Entrepreneurs and young business leaders. Guide them with your knowledge and experience.
  • Encourage and motivate your employees to develop a continuous learning philosophy
  • Teach in a formal setting
  • Write articles and make presentations to industry groups, educational institutions and forums


Sharing your knowledge will be the most lasting legacy you will leave for future leaders and employees. Do the Right Things!


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