Doing it Right the First Time - by Ravi Patel


How often have we heard the maxim of "Doing it Right the First Time?"


The intent of this thought is referring to the quality of the process people should use to accomplish things. The goal should be to use an efficient, high-quality process such that the resulting product (in the broadest sense) is totally complete requiring just about no changes. This is an ideal goal for everything we do.


For Entrepreneurs, it also provides a different perspective that is critical to their ventures.


Since Entrepreneurs have limited resources - money and time - doing it right the first time means even more. If Entrepreneurs do not do certain things right the first time, they might run out of resources or opportunities to do it again or over. Or, having not done it right the first time might be too costly for them.


In addition to product or service development, other examples of doing it right the first time could be in:

  • negotiating legal contracts
  • rolling out high-priced marketing programs
  • hiring key people
  • making presentations to investors
  • selling to customers
  • signing up for leased facilities


The examples are by no means exhaustive, but the key point is that Entrepreneurs need a process to ensure that whatever significant or critical activity that they are trying to accomplish goes through proper scrutiny, such that costly errors and omissions are mitigated.


There is never a perfect process, but the more you make it closer to perfect the better the chances of doing it right the first time.


Do the Right Things!


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