Measuring Customer Experience - by Ravi Patel


A few month ago I posted a blog suggesting that Customer Service should be a strategic goal to make it a more prominent part of your Mission. One should develop SMART metrics to track the progress of improvement towards this objective.


While your metrics can be related to internal benchmarks in providing customer service - such as wait time in answering phones, que time of service lines, speed in responding to client communications, timeliness in resolving issues, errors in shipments - also consider external measures of customer satisfaction.


How does the customer feel about doing business with your company? Is the client's experience pleasant and rewarding? Measuring your customer's experience is a critical part of evaluating your service levels.


Are you measuring your customers' experiences? How? Should you? Every company serves customers in different ways; thus, the measurement metrics and process need to be customized. The important step is to start that process to improve customer service in your company.


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