Find a Solution Rather than Fault - by Ravi Patel


Don't find fault, find a remedy - Henry Ford . There is a lot for Entrepreneurs to learn from this statement.


In our blame-rich rather than solution-oriented culture, leaders (mostly political) often seek out whom to accuse of problems rather than find solutions. Sometimes this extends to poorly run companies with unhealthy culture and negative management practices.


In the real world it is acceptable for leaders to hold people accountable for their performance. However, it is not wise to continually blame others for problems. Entrepreneurs have to take responsibility for the issues facing their business and teach their managers to do the same.


More importantly, blaming others or even accepting responsibility does not solve the problem. Entrepreneurs need to create a culture where finding solutions or remedies to issues takes precedence over blame. Such a positive culture allows people to readily accept responsibility for decisions without having to face ridicule.


Do the Right Thing by creating a solution-oriented culture in your company and incorporating that in your Mission.



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