Being a Smart Entrepreneur - by Ravi Patel


Entrepreneurs are smart people. To have an idea and the ability to capitalize it requires not only initiative and courage, but also a higher level of intelligence.


Is being the most intelligent person on your team always good? It depends upon the stage of the business. Having sufficient knowledge and smarts to formulate the Vision. Mission and plan to grow the business is required in the infancy stage of the business.


However as the business grows, being the smartest guy on the team might not be enough. A smart Entrepreneur needs to raise the level of the team to create a solid foundation for future growth.


A smart Entrepreneur has to build a team of individuals that are intelligent and add significant, incremental value to the company. It is only the enlightened Entrepreneur that is wise enough to hire people who might be smarter than he or she. In bringing in such intelligent and experienced people to the team, it raises the caliber of the management team as a whole.


Smart Entrepreneurs are the ones who surround themselves with people more intelligent than themselves and are not threatened by them. Being the smartest person on your team does not make it strong. Surround yourself with people smarter than you to raise the bar. Do the Right Things!


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