"The Devil is in the Details" for Entrepreneurs - by Ravi Patel


Most leaders who have reached the top positions in larger organizations are known for their ability to see the broad picture and strategize appropriately for the long term. They have capable organizations and secondary leadership to focus on the operational details of their business.


How about Entrepreneurs starting out or in the early stages of growing their business?


As they say, "the devil is in the details." While it might not be to the Entrepreneur's liking, it is critical to focus on the important operational and contractual details. These details, such as a fine print on a customer's contract, a provision on a building lease, a covenant in a loan agreement, or a government compliance requirement, might seem too small to worry about than running the business.


The problem arises when inattention to such details derail the normal functioning of the organization and end being the "devil" by costing a lot of money and/or requiring too much of an Entrepreneur's time to resolve the issues.


Entrepreneurs need to train themselves to identify the important details of their business and pay attention to those promptly to avoid problems in the future.


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