Vision with Execution - by Ravi Patel


"Vision without execution is a daydream. Execution without vision is a nightmare" - Japanese Proverb. How appropriate is this wisdom for Entrepreneurs?


Many people with good ideas keep on dreaming of making it big. But they don't (or can't) as they do not put their ideas into practice. Not executing your vision gets you nowhere except in your dreams.


Action-oriented people rush to do things, but are they doing the right things? If you don't have a plan or vision, what are you executing? It is like driving fast, but not knowing your destination. How can you get there and even if you do, is that the correct destination?


A successful Entrepreneur combines a realistic Vision with proper execution to reach his/her goal. Having the proper balance between the two and synchronizing the efforts of your actions to the purpose of your Mission is necessary for success.


Don't dream of doing things; Do the Right Things!


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