"I Need Help" - by Ravi Patel


These three words are so misunderstood, especially by Entrepreneurs.


Asking for assistance is sometimes incorrectly perceived by Entrepreneurs as a weakness in leadership or deficiency. Or as, it is too expensive to ask for help. Nothing could be farther from the truth!


It is widely accepted that Entrepreneurs initially start businesses because of unique, innovative ideas - not because they are professional chief executives. It is not fair to expect that Entrepreneurs are well versed in all major functional areas of a business. Asking for help in areas that are not their strength is not a sign of weakness.


In fact, soliciting assistance at the right time is rational and could save Entrepreneurs time, people resources, and money in the long term. As a strategy, Entrepreneurs may want to create a Mastermind Group of advisors whom they can ask for help at any time.


Asking for help at the right time is smart business.


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